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About Us



Mental illness is fundamental to health and wellness of all individuals. Our mission is to bring to this community a behavioral treatment area care setting. We adapted the Biopsychosocial Conceptual Model which posits that psychological and social factors are due to comorbidity or physiological illness. We reconcile both psychiatric and biologic factor with our treatment process.


We understand that people who experience psychiatric disability have the same basic wants and needs as most people are: a decent place to live, a satisfying job, a chance to learn, and the friendship and support of others. Our vison is to help people achieve their fullest potential by seeking psychiatric help at Kamehameha Health And Wellness Nonprofit outpatient clinic.

Core Values

Kamehameha Health And Wellness Nonprofit organization does not discriminate against people who may not have money or medical health insurances to pay. We treat all people of all ages, all gender, and all cultures, with or without money. We provide dignity and respect just the same. We believe that by providing early treatment to our people in this urban communities and visitors as well, we are developing an innovative model of care to address the uniqueness, strengths and challenges of our urban communities. Our greater emphasis is placed on population behavioral health management. We believe that this process will trickle down to saving lives and money for the state of New York. This could be replicated by other organizations locally as well, serving the broader range of the whole country as well.